The cold war of segregation :

The cold war of segregation:

A yellow star is branded upon their clothes, like cattle they herd them in droves;

A man at a podium fuels the new generation with unjustified hate, it was to late for Art college – but not to late for mistakes.

Cutting away all of their smiles with guns and gas and poisonous bile, Whilst others look on in fear, who could be next?

A war cold as the bitter jeers that are given, new laws and new feelings- none of which are justly given right to see light.

Leaving behind the voices of many who march on and get beaten till they are bruised and bloody, what life is this for Jews?

The war rages on as emotions run cold, the sight of trains and thinning cities, officers in fancy uniforms patrol marching like new gods as the death count takes its toll.

Hiding away like mice from a cat, fear and anger marches on in the cold war of segregation.

Where the only song is war and the yellow star is slowly purged from histories pages, forevermore

  • Danielle Parrish (2016). (c)



The side of angels – a Sherlock Holmes themed poem

“I may be on the side of angels but do not think for one second that I am one of them” – Sherlock Holmes

The side of angels

is a terrible side indeed

where experience is lacking and intelligence is in great need

but do heed my advice for i wont repeat it twice.

The game is on Watson, and I haven’t got all night.

Moriarty is dancing with the Devils tongue,

setting of explosions in the name of fun

“The people are in danger, Sherlock”

you exclaim with great heed

Yes, i know that  Watson – but i care not for the loss of human stupidity.

the world is better off with the peoples heads cut off – they run around like chickens anyway- trust me i’ve experimented every possibility

That the side of angels is righteous- and just

But i need freedom- to do what devils must.

You know i don’t have many friends Watson – in fact i only have one.

You put up with my intelligence, and i mess with you just for fun.

For that I am truly sorry, but the chase is just begun.

I may be on the side of angels but do not think for one second that i am one.

  • (c) Danielle Parrish 2016

Sherlock homes themed, man I love me some Sherlock 🙂


Dry spells of the mind – Poetry

My mind is rattled

my faith is in shackles

Who I love…

and what I love is vexed by everyone,

who doesn’t understand the meaning. 

My hope is dried up like a well in a drought.

People toss coins in and expect their wishes and expectations  to come out.

School is a endless haze of work and no emotion 

an infinite turmoil of knowledge with bias, the truth with added opinion.

But if they agreed that everyone is unique and emphasize individuality 

would they still attack me ?

attack my faith?

My body ?

my lifestyle?

and who I love?

They say your life is your choice, but we will tell you which one to pick

When will life choose who to attack,

my shield of a facade….

or what they find crawling underneath.

Dry spells of hate, no water – no mist 

My imagination runs wild – it tells me to jump a cliff.


Should I tear down my wall or just call it quits…….

People fight in wars based on religion, but we choose to focus on who people love – and talk as if it was their opinion.

Why do we fight when nothing turns out right?

My dry spell of a mind is fighting to figure out what is right…….

-(c) Danielle Parrish. 2016




Post digital. Hive mind

I have digital eyes, they see the clear sky

All of earths wonders bare to my eyes 

My heart is a hive mind beating to the drum of life 

The stress and the pain of another’s mans strife 

I conform to the living but inside I am dead 

A post digital memory in a hive mind of dread

My light sombrely flickers in the midst of  Digital lies.

We cover our hearts in nature but inside we cower to the rise of a digital era

A era anew, the best part of humanity is over, our hive minds goal is to give up all control

And we trust ourselves our biological bodies to

 Beings with no soul.
To them we unwillingly give up all control.

Planet earths time is over, nature has taken its toll.

The rise of metal and oil is a horizon we antisipate 

A post digital distopia-  that will surely kill us all

-(c) Danielle Parrish 

Rebel With No Reason- a poem for that special someone, who needs a lesson in life taught 

I’m a rebel with no reason I do it just for kicks

If my main goal is to be happy, then others are gonna be pissed

If my ideals arouse anger than I’m doing my job right

I’m a teenager not an adult, I need time to do it right 

Make my mistakes and memories too

But some memories are bad and for that you’ll pay too.
I see you in the corner, with your friends at a table

Clucking like chickens with your heads cut off 

emotionally unstable -and too much oxygen being exhaled at one table.

Spreading lies like your thighs another day for you gone by

Is this your main prerogative- to rebel without reason ? 

Or to get with other Guys, That change with the seasons.?
I’m a rebel with no reason but I’m getting out of touch 

Ill put you in your place, and for that I don’t need to get buff

You will use your entire vocabulary in a sentence – and what it’s worth, you only know three ~ 

If only you kept your mouth shut, then you wouldn’t have to mess with me.
As you see rebels, are rebels. Not bound by the rules, but unfortunately for you, you need to get schooled.
If I didn’t teach this lesson, would you keep on running up your mouth ?
But I’m a rebel -for once with a reason- 

And for that, I’ll knock your pearly white teeth out 

-(c) Danielle Parrish 2016​

A.N  (Dedicated to a special someone who, unfortunately never learnt to breath through her nose ~not sure if sarcasm~  but alas I digress 🤐😭😱😚)

Pokemon – poetry (commissioned)

Animals roam the wild in droves

Endless species to an endless demand

For these trainers to have all hand in hand

They battle for sport but in the end it’s all just greed

As the winner gets a badge and the looser gets creamed

Catching them all is a timeless test, for humanity to control all and to stuff them in chests.
But I digress, isn’t it the best ? Generations working together regardless of gender, race or status ?

For all to be together for another timeless test,


-(c) Danielle Parrish

Poetry – Americas decline into an apocalyptic time (Commissioned)

I digress the state of Americas congress,

Slipping into the clutches of anarchy  

The people all failed by a system of endless greed, called the economy 

Presidents are puppets, parading in Armani suits

Spreading lies of comfort and hope for the youth

But just beyond your eyes 

Let me strip you of your lies 

The apocalyptic place called America was a forefront  to the world

To act as if  you could help others, but you can’t even help yourselves 

The tip tap of the clock chimes, America your time is up ……..

I don’t think you need to be told twice.

– (c) Danielle Parrish  

Poetry- pajamas (Commissioned)  

Striped blue and slightly crass

As I sit and ponder how I managed to fit this over my slightly large ass

It’s curves of fabric pulled taupe, as I am tall – but sadly not short 

It’s size is a number, a label  just for me 

A number to measure my endles misery 

Finding the right pajamas for when i rest 

Seems to be like an endless test 

I rest my head  upon the pillow on my bed 

My hope for comfort, all But fills me with dread

I close my eyes and wonder, if my size is really just a number 

And if it is.

Than is the uncomfort of my body shape- cut out for the fabric of society ?

– (c) Danielle parrish 2016

A changed mind, for the same world – poem

We conspire against the odds

our brains re-wired 

we are the problem kids

the retards, and the lazy ones, the misfits

Where it is our problem that teachers

look over their perfect class 

to find less than included children at the back of educations ass

We are the dyslexics, and the kids with ADHD

And all the other issues that aren’t addressed

that is; WE.

But if you find beneath our perceived looks

are the geniuses, the minds that will carry the world  with the books and ideas that we ponder.

The ones you wish you could be when you are older.

But our road is filled with potholes of missing understanding or fear

that being not normal is something that schools don’t want near.

So rise up, shout, speak up against your foes – to all who wish to place you with labels

You are the new beginning,  so create what you know you can 

you are not retards  – but people misplaced in a messed up world.

  • Danielle Parrish (c)  

(A.N – I wrote this because I am one of the people who are enabled in a different way –  I have dyslexia and dyscalculia – so i know well the struggle of education for a changed mind)


Falling down the shadows – Poem

Stars fall around by my feet

the night sky whispers to me

ever in a trance- moving like waves in the sea

is there someone that can help me?

True are the words that others preach

lost, dazed, and hard to reach

but my mind is caving in – into my body

into my heart, it sinks like a ship lost at sea

it’s captain far from reach.

I’m falling down the shadows – into an endless void.

not a voice can be heard,

not a movement made change change my direction.

I’m falling into the shadows,

and the shadows are falling into me. 

  • Danielle Parrish (c)