Pokemon – poetry (commissioned)

Animals roam the wild in droves

Endless species to an endless demand

For these trainers to have all hand in hand

They battle for sport but in the end it’s all just greed

As the winner gets a badge and the looser gets creamed

Catching them all is a timeless test, for humanity to control all and to stuff them in chests.
But I digress, isn’t it the best ? Generations working together regardless of gender, race or status ?

For all to be together for another timeless test,


-(c) Danielle Parrish


Poetry – Americas decline into an apocalyptic time (Commissioned)

I digress the state of Americas congress,

Slipping into the clutches of anarchy  

The people all failed by a system of endless greed, called the economy 

Presidents are puppets, parading in Armani suits

Spreading lies of comfort and hope for the youth

But just beyond your eyes 

Let me strip you of your lies 

The apocalyptic place called America was a forefront  to the world

To act as if  you could help others, but you can’t even help yourselves 

The tip tap of the clock chimes, America your time is up ……..

I don’t think you need to be told twice.

– (c) Danielle Parrish  

Poetry- pajamas (Commissioned)  

Striped blue and slightly crass

As I sit and ponder how I managed to fit this over my slightly large ass

It’s curves of fabric pulled taupe, as I am tall – but sadly not short 

It’s size is a number, a label  just for me 

A number to measure my endles misery 

Finding the right pajamas for when i rest 

Seems to be like an endless test 

I rest my head  upon the pillow on my bed 

My hope for comfort, all But fills me with dread

I close my eyes and wonder, if my size is really just a number 

And if it is.

Than is the uncomfort of my body shape- cut out for the fabric of society ?

– (c) Danielle parrish 2016