Winterheld huntress

Winter held the dew of spring

The fountain of life so abundant and clear

The creatures that dwell upon the earth

Feast on the beauty below its soil

A nimble soul, Lilly of the valley, wanders though the snow

Senses sharp, and heart beating fast

She hunts her prey with an elven glow

The sacrifice of life, run rampant through the soil

Blood stains the snow like a velvet elixir

She harvests the skin and leaves nerry’ a bone

Glistening in the winter night,

moonbeams caress her pale ivory skin

Clad with bow, dagger and thick fur cloth.

New dawn, new spring ,new life does it bring

The elven huntress ravages the bounty of’ goddess’ harvest land

Bringing to the king, new treasures and bounty

To be traded, bought, eaten and sold.

Ner’ does her eyes leave the hunt, her soul runs with the beasts

No dress, upbringing, nor teaching will change her

Like the circle of life she stands

Ever changing but still the same

A huntress upon sovereign land,

the winter winds hold the dew of spring

A new future, More to plunder, more meaning to her life

The huntress whose heart beats with the night.

(C) Danielle Parrish, 2017


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