The morrow’ days dawn

( to the tune of a Celtic, or folk hymn…. 1-2-3- 1,2,345 [timing structure]

it’s a call to war type of song, so imagine lord of the rings meets dragon age.)

A.N: Somewhat edited, but needs more work.


Ner is a sound as lovely or clear

Than sounds of war, drawing ever near

Oppression and suffrage for a selfish king

No place, no right for his people we sing…

We sing to the dawn, the day break decider,

The battle begins over, castles’ spire.

We fasten our arrows, taupe to the bowstring

Sharpening swords, hammers and knives

To, city square, we preside,…in waiting

Waiting for twilight sky,

to mask us in the shadow of night

To aid us in our battle and plight

the township prepare for a night filled with bloodshed,

Our hearts filled with vengeance and pride

The war to end, centuries of suffrage,

The end of a life filed with lies.

Fly straight and true o’ my arrow, Pearce the heart of the king

Let all who oppose him plunder’ his riches,

But leave his death painful and slow, at my hand, arrow and bow.

“the king, the king, the ruler unfair

Down with the king, and family there.”

We break through the halls, paint blood to the walls

As we sing this song of, the morrow’ days dawn.

As we sing to the morrow days dawn.

(C) Danielle Parrish, 2017


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