Checks and Boxes- poem

Checks and boxes:


Lo and behold, a sight to see.

Full of cynicism and dispassion for society.

My argument impassioned and thorough, 

like a slap to the cold face of humility,

The average shell, humanity lost.

From whence we came creativity crumbled

Ideals and morals – an illusion of sorting

Checks and boxes – an illusion of community.

Stupidity, idiocy this desolate democracy- never ending chaos.

We burn out like the cinders of a bright bush fire 

Like the dying sun and fauna,

we saunter through the ages and crass ruins,

marring it with our destruction.

Our intense and unruly desire to fit in,

crushed by the constant bombardment

– of peace from nations past.


Love is a futile intelligent design

we strive, we climb, we clamour, 

over the new phones in stores,

lining up for menial objects like robots

fresh off the factory floor

We encourage uniqueness but reject those outcasts

who embody these qualities

we are controlled by the drones of the masses. 


Really, all hope is lost if you ask me-

through my angst 

I see the harshness of ignorance, 

and I feel, the slap.

 Reality yields –

to my face, 

when you don’t fit into the box 

  • (c) Danielle Parrish 2017