Like a child with an innocent curiosity to question:

  • (c) Danielle Parrish 2017


I am awake like the clock’s  never ending tick

I am a restless train of thought, running off the tracks

I am the voice inside you that burns at your core

You are powerless against my



unwavering  control

You are divergent

You will never stop me

I am the fuel that burns at your fire


Listen… L i s t e n  t o  m e!

The voice inside you nags and natters in your brain

Everyone you know

thinks you are a horrid mess

The things that make you You

irritate them endlessly…

What do they REALLY think about you?

You will never find out

You are too cowardly to question

YOU know you do not  need to be


to be successful…

So why bother trying?


It will follow you – you will never feel alone

In every breath and moment it torments you


I am right. I know all about you

You are wrong

like a child with an innocent curiosity to question

I will always be there for you

When all others leave




You will never be free — as long as you listen to me…

I am all you know

Why change that?

Why destroy our bond ?


These voices in your head pulling at your soul

Which is right – which is wrong?

Should I even listen?

Do you even want to?


Let go

be free  


The turmoil you create will be your downfall

Be the river

that was once a stream

Forge new beginnings

Encounter your  milestones

Do not run from them


So let that voice inside you speak

          listen to it  

                 Imagine its perspective

                               but never let it engulf you whole


Anxiety is an energy

You —

Feed its desires

You —

Fuel its cruel intentions

Only you —

can smother it

Let those embers dissipate.



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