The cold war of segregation :

The cold war of segregation:

A yellow star is branded upon their clothes, like cattle they herd them in droves;

A man at a podium fuels the new generation with unjustified hate, it was to late for Art college – but not to late for mistakes.

Cutting away all of their smiles with guns and gas and poisonous bile, Whilst others look on in fear, who could be next?

A war cold as the bitter jeers that are given, new laws and new feelings- none of which are justly given right to see light.

Leaving behind the voices of many who march on and get beaten till they are bruised and bloody, what life is this for Jews?

The war rages on as emotions run cold, the sight of trains and thinning cities, officers in fancy uniforms patrol marching like new gods as the death count takes its toll.

Hiding away like mice from a cat, fear and anger marches on in the cold war of segregation.

Where the only song is war and the yellow star is slowly purged from histories pages, forevermore

  • Danielle Parrish (2016). (c)



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