Dry spells of the mind – Poetry

My mind is rattled

my faith is in shackles

Who I love…

and what I love is vexed by everyone,

who doesn’t understand the meaning. 

My hope is dried up like a well in a drought.

People toss coins in and expect their wishes and expectations  to come out.

School is a endless haze of work and no emotion 

an infinite turmoil of knowledge with bias, the truth with added opinion.

But if they agreed that everyone is unique and emphasize individuality 

would they still attack me ?

attack my faith?

My body ?

my lifestyle?

and who I love?

They say your life is your choice, but we will tell you which one to pick

When will life choose who to attack,

my shield of a facade….

or what they find crawling underneath.

Dry spells of hate, no water – no mist 

My imagination runs wild – it tells me to jump a cliff.


Should I tear down my wall or just call it quits…….

People fight in wars based on religion, but we choose to focus on who people love – and talk as if it was their opinion.

Why do we fight when nothing turns out right?

My dry spell of a mind is fighting to figure out what is right…….

-(c) Danielle Parrish. 2016





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