Post digital. Hive mind

I have digital eyes, they see the clear sky

All of earths wonders bare to my eyes 

My heart is a hive mind beating to the drum of life 

The stress and the pain of another’s mans strife 

I conform to the living but inside I am dead 

A post digital memory in a hive mind of dread

My light sombrely flickers in the midst of  Digital lies.

We cover our hearts in nature but inside we cower to the rise of a digital era

A era anew, the best part of humanity is over, our hive minds goal is to give up all control

And we trust ourselves our biological bodies to

 Beings with no soul.
To them we unwillingly give up all control.

Planet earths time is over, nature has taken its toll.

The rise of metal and oil is a horizon we antisipate 

A post digital distopia-  that will surely kill us all

-(c) Danielle Parrish 


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