Rebel With No Reason- a poem for that special someone, who needs a lesson in life taught 

I’m a rebel with no reason I do it just for kicks

If my main goal is to be happy, then others are gonna be pissed

If my ideals arouse anger than I’m doing my job right

I’m a teenager not an adult, I need time to do it right 

Make my mistakes and memories too

But some memories are bad and for that you’ll pay too.
I see you in the corner, with your friends at a table

Clucking like chickens with your heads cut off 

emotionally unstable -and too much oxygen being exhaled at one table.

Spreading lies like your thighs another day for you gone by

Is this your main prerogative- to rebel without reason ? 

Or to get with other Guys, That change with the seasons.?
I’m a rebel with no reason but I’m getting out of touch 

Ill put you in your place, and for that I don’t need to get buff

You will use your entire vocabulary in a sentence – and what it’s worth, you only know three ~ 

If only you kept your mouth shut, then you wouldn’t have to mess with me.
As you see rebels, are rebels. Not bound by the rules, but unfortunately for you, you need to get schooled.
If I didn’t teach this lesson, would you keep on running up your mouth ?
But I’m a rebel -for once with a reason- 

And for that, I’ll knock your pearly white teeth out 

-(c) Danielle Parrish 2016​

A.N  (Dedicated to a special someone who, unfortunately never learnt to breath through her nose ~not sure if sarcasm~  but alas I digress 🤐😭😱😚)


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