A changed mind, for the same world – poem

We conspire against the odds

our brains re-wired 

we are the problem kids

the retards, and the lazy ones, the misfits

Where it is our problem that teachers

look over their perfect class 

to find less than included children at the back of educations ass

We are the dyslexics, and the kids with ADHD

And all the other issues that aren’t addressed

that is; WE.

But if you find beneath our perceived looks

are the geniuses, the minds that will carry the world  with the books and ideas that we ponder.

The ones you wish you could be when you are older.

But our road is filled with potholes of missing understanding or fear

that being not normal is something that schools don’t want near.

So rise up, shout, speak up against your foes – to all who wish to place you with labels

You are the new beginning,  so create what you know you can 

you are not retards  – but people misplaced in a messed up world.

  • Danielle Parrish (c)  

(A.N – I wrote this because I am one of the people who are enabled in a different way –  I have dyslexia and dyscalculia – so i know well the struggle of education for a changed mind)



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