What makes a good story – Elysium chronicles- short story

What makes a good story ?. Is it the characters, the back-story or is it the tension.  What makes a good writer?. Is it the education, the connection to the reader or is it something more…… No dear reader it is you who makes the story, what you feel, what you hear, see and what you take from the writing. Never have I seen someone who hasn’t imagined a certain character this way and that, only to be scoffed at by others who share a different image.

This is the conundrum that most people face daily, what is?. What isn’t ?, it’s all just a matter of time before anyone realises…….the only one who cares about the story is you. Because it is your story, no two are the same even if it is the same text. Take the Bible for an example, one book has sparked many wars, opinions and ideals for living…..but they are all wrong. Yes, even you my dear reader, you are wrong, only the person who wrote the book can explain how it was truly meant to be received.

Who am I you might ask ?, why your consciousness of course, I am the one who keeps you up late at night feeding you thoughts for your books. Like you are right now, Asleep, how do I know that ?. Everything you see here is but a figment of your imagination, a whim of longing and companionship, you have friends, family….think. Are they really there ?.  But you retort,

“This cannot be I am alive, I am real”

Ahhh, yes but only if you say you are reader. For it is but a matter of time before you wake up, after all we are all just stories in the end.



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