Tick Tock – Short story

Emaline shivered and turned in her bed before deciding to finally get something to eat, and perhaps a new blanket. She made her way across the old creaking wooden floorboards towards the kitchen, careful not to make a sound and wake her parents from their soundless slumber. Passing the grandfather clock that was passed down to her from, ironically her grandfather.

The kitchen was filled with knick knacks that were like a minefield of clutter to her footfalls, Emaline saw what she desired and with a hungry click, what ravished her eyes under the light of the fridge was a milk carton. Being the teenager that she was, using glasses in the middle of the night meant cleaning…and lots of it. but as she turned away from the fridge another click of the closing door was someone. Emaline mumbled “mum, go back to bed….please” she moaned placing the carton of milk down on the counter. It didn’t reply or yell  at her it just stood there, head tilting and long brown hair in a friz, wearing bed clothes that looked like she wore the sheet around her body.

“mum, seriously go back to bed, god” taking a swig from the milk carton and putting it back in the fridge. Before she turned around she could hear something shuffling closer, from a third person view the body was so close Emaline’s skin prickled at the close contact, breath quickening and eyes dilating in shock. The fridges cold exterior was like a warm summer day that she wished she could meld with desperately, suddenly a voice, not unlike her mother’s but a voice that sounded like it hasn’t been used in years “Tick, tock your time is up, look at the clock and let the world…….STOP” It proclaimed with a sing song melody.

Emaline’s parents bolted up as a scream from down the dark and cold hallway, scrambling to reach the door. Blood lined the hallway as they approached the kitchen, Too shocked for words and wordless anguish seeped over them as their daughter sprawled out below the kitchen counter a soundless scream on her face and a single tear down her cold left cheek.

The blood dripped down the hallway into Emaline’s room, Her father went to check as her mother cradling Emaline’s lifeless body against her chest muttering and sobbing incoherent english.

Passing the grandfather clock that was almost about to chime 12 in cold fear, his heartbeat matched the chimes of the clock as he approached his late daughters bedroom.

The handle of her room painted with blood stopped Henry as his eyes follow the trail back into the hallway. A body was in the bed as he pushed open the door with a creak, as it turned to face him the voice returned “Tick,Tock the clock has stopped all is silent as the body’s drop”.The last thing he saw was black eyes and a open mouth into an abyss.

The crack of two snapped necks and a scream, all is silent but the tick tock of the grandfather clocks chime at 12, The time has stopped.


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