The world anew: – poetry

The world anew:

Living in this wold you see things that might not be normal

Like princesses in far of kingdoms and dragons with raging hell fire.

Then we have to grow up, you might not realise it but sooner or later you notice.

That whilst your 15, and mature enough to take the world with a grain of salt.

There are others like you who still dream, play with dolls and imagine a better world.

Now as I say this realise. These people do this not because they are immature.

But because it’s likely that they have had hell to endure.

Families with hidden fights, and rising bills to pay each night.

What I ask is not what I want to receive. But for you to see ,the world behind the smiles and waves

The dolls in which they used to play with , and now they have to worry about saving they day.

A hero is not someone to be looked down upon, a fierce and wise creature.

But sooner or later they grow up , just like you had too.

And join the world of zombies anew.

  • Danielle Parrish (c) 2015

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