The boy with blue eyes and tears that make rain for the skies:

Tom was twelve years old. He was lithe but stronger than his peers. He had curly red hair that fell on his eyes like a mop, he also had porcelain skin, pale and easily burnt in the harsh summers of Australia. His eyes were a piercing cerulean blue with flecks of green, a palette of stars in the galaxy was the only way to describe how entrancing they were, no one knows where they came from as no on in his family had anything close to it.

His lips were always curled into a small frown, and was almost always the main point in starting a conversation with him because he looked so miserable amongst the sea of smiles at his school, although that was mainly because he didn’t want to leave his first and only safe haven known a home, and come to live in a small cottage that his father bought overlooking a deep sea, like his eyes. His father wanted to move because Thomas’s mother had died of cancer a year ago. On the way home from school walking up the dirt trail that laced the grassy hills with gravel and dirt,Thomas would often see his father staring of into the sea as he reached the windy summit that grass danced to. If only they knew at his school, if only they knew.

-Danielle Parrish


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