Shipwrecked- The last voyage :

Shipwrecked- The last voyage :

A vignette (style of writing- in the moment)


Danielle Parrish (c) 2015

The wind roars against my ear like a lion and its mouse prey, the salty sea air too much for my senses. It’s midnight, the moon high in the sky, clouds as dense as a swamp fog. My breathing slows, we’re hit, our boat slams against the waves as we approach the oncoming shore upon the horizon. The waves crash against the boat at the beat of a marching band’s drum, the clouds submerge my senses as my sight swifty leaves as if it was taken without consent.

The shore seems all but a fading dream as the waves cloud my vision, the boat’s rocking my body like a ragdoll against the hard timber ruts of the helm. The captain all but missing as the ship slowly spirals into the abyss of death’s clutches, my hope all but faded. I try to regain my senses and frantically search the ship for an escape, I was too late, my eyes search the sides of the ship. Crash.

Another wave knocks me from my feet again, my body all but frozen in this cold night air. I start to lose consciousness like a lamb for the slaughter. I close my eyes and pray for redemption, my last thread of hope endearing as my final thought purges my mind like a howling hymn. I feel a hand, out of nowhere. I latch onto my saviour desperate for life…….I open my eyes and look up. What I am faced with is not a savior but the rotted body of the captain, teeth crooked and flesh seemingly rotted off the bone…….this is it.
My last voyage.


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