Monday morning madness takes a turn for the worst ? – Short story

(P.S The girl in the picture is what I imagined the main character to look like )

It was a typical Monday morning, getting out of bed well after the alarm rang out, and having no time for breakfast as usual. But worst of all I stand heart racing, in the middle of my classroom with my hair disheveled and half- decently dressed, late.

“Once again Miss. Clare. Late, take your seat”

Sorry miss. churchill, I announced to the peering and judging eyes of my class as I took my seat.

Just another typical monday morning mad rush for Clare Summers, and another Late slip for my parents to sign. God I must have a wall for all of these things I exclaim with a half yawn.

My school is not like the others, with the Jocks, the Princesses and the Geeks. No it’s much more inviting than that it’s Hell. At recess I sit by myself, well as by myself as I can get in this overcrowded quadrangle, My food much like the days before them. Don’t get me wrong it was alright…and I say that with all the pleasantness I can muster but it was just that. plain, predictable, mostly like my monday morning late slips. But today was the day where it all changed, where I (quite literally) take a 2 story fall for someone.

Ahh, yes the fall was an unexpected setback but i take it anyway, it all started like this;

“E’llo Clare what you got there, a snack for me great-”

Stop- I yell eyes turning to me from all corners of the quadrangle.

“What it’s not like you were going to eat it anyway”

You don’t know that, I never had the chance to take a bite

“well if you want it come and get it” -and with that the bully took off in full pursuit .

it was a chase to behold, hollering from supporters of the bully, cheers from the group of people that happen to know about me, and then as I approach the second level of our school the bully stops turns and sneers,

“Well you followed me this far all for a piece of garbage ?”

That was mine to start off with-  I practically seethe with anger.

“Well go get it the-” the bully was cut off by the uneven floorboards of the second level, mainly due to his weight but nevermind that, it was either pushing him out the way- giving him a chance to survive or grabbing my sandwich and gunning it. Naturally i wanted to go for my sandwich but it was now or never. I take the leap, pushing the bully out of the way (not that he deserved it but…) sandwich flying everywhere, and me falling from a two story building. This was sure to make the school famous. As I await the pain of the ground, the force of gravity turning me into a Clare pancake, But nothing. Nada. Zilch. I feel nothing, no crash, no pain – as I open my eyes I see all the eyes of the people on one person. me. I hover in the air with the time standing still around me, either this is divine intervention over a sandwich or this is X-men, neither make a good reason for me to be hovering in mid air- so now what. Do I fall to my death or do I grow wings and fly?. I take a breath and think; Unfreeze. Suddenly I am on the ground unhurt ready to pass out.

I jolt awake, just another dream Clare, just another dream. I sigh as I push my alarm clock to the floor.

Just another case of typical monday madness, ready for me  to endure.


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