Imagine- poetry:

Imagine a world where stories roam free

In a castle of thoughts and rouge mysteries 

A prince and a dragon feud til dawns light

Fuelling dreams of sweet children in their beds at night

Centre stage they fly – throughout the endless starless sky

Imagine a reality where dreams were people and we were the thoughts

A crazy world wouldn’t it be?

Were the everyday people like us, fuel flights of others fantasies

A world where war was only dreamt of, or poverty- what a thought

crazy to think humanities fighting existence was just all for naught.

Imagine the people in our heads, what do they dream?

are they much like us or much better than our dreams?

but all is the ramblings of a teenage scribe

where imagining worlds was common place in their mind

we are all stories in the end, but wouldn’t it be nice

if the people we thought we could be, come true – if just for one night.

  • Danielle Parrish (c) 2016










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