Holy Hospital – Short story


Hi, everyone Dani here and this is (I believe) the first inspiration I have had for a while. Now as obvious as it is, it’s not finished….nor will it be, I made this a a short prompt in my head. But if you want to continue it by all means I insist, just credit me somewhere on it (also you can change the characters names, they might be hard or unusual to spell) That’s all for now.  love Danielle

Holy Hospital:

I awaken from what it seems to be a deep sleep, I’m in a hospital gown…….why.

My head feels like a hurricane of pain, although I have no memory of what happened, I check my wings, they’re not broken at least, my sword lay beside the bed shining in ever holy light. I observe the situation and see two nurses tending to the weak and one doctor, they’re not angels, where am….I.

“Excuse me Miss”, a nurse approached me with chart in hand.

“Do you have a name ?”

“All creatures do, but mine is Evangeline”, voice still hoarse and dry.

“Thank you, do you remember how you got here ?, someone found you outside the E.R”

I pause and reflect, the fall, someone screaming my name, my wings coated with blood…but not mine.

“THE BATTLE” I screeched.

“Calm down, what battle ?” the now startled nurse queried, as did the rest of the E.R wing.

“ I…….I can’t remember, I must have gone unconscious” I lied, hopefully my wings are still hidden and the remainders of my Grace sparceful.

“Well dear, It seems that you have had one hell of a night, you need to rest” she dismissively reciprocated .

with that I am left with my thoughts in desolate reflectiveness.

(6 hours later)

“Wake up, Eve, wake up”

“what, wait, where?” I exclaimed, now out of my slumber and reaching for my sword.

“It’s me fledgling, Averen.”

“Averen ?, Could it be?”

“you survived, without a scratch as it seems”

“yeah you’re not looking bad yourself”

“It appears, thanks to my Grace. I am healed, must have recharged in my sleep”

“yeah, Heavens pretty bunged up you know , and Raven,oh father he misses you”

Raven, that must have been the one I remembered screaming, the memory is clearer now. Him, pushing against the crowd, watching helpless as I fell……so far down, the pain eve thinking of it is binding.

“when can I leave ?”

“soon, I’m going to see the healers, and tell them you are leaving”

“I’m not sure thats how it works around here, Averen”She smiled as she walked, carelessly into the door……without looking at me, she regained herself and left the room. Now that I think of it I must have been cleared from E.R and brought to a more private room in the building. As I got on with my thoughts in her absence I came to the conclusion clearly It is I that has the most knowledge, being amongst humans all this time I have learnt many things first hand, plus Avaren is Sentinel, head of the 4th battalion………I don’t think she has ever left the safeguards of Heaven’s barriers.

As she returned, I had packed my things, disposed of that cloth…..a hospital gown I believe and my sword, although the humans can not see it it is tied to me, my Grace, and practically goes wherever I go.

“Evangeliene we must leave this place, and return to Heaven…..It’s not safe here” Averen countred, breaking the silent checklist In my head.

“yeah, lets leave. Before anyone notices us “

As we walk through the doors of the E.R.

  • Danielle Parrish  (c)

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