Elysium Chronicles – Part 2 – short story

(continuation) Part one:

You awaken in a dark room, but you are not quite sure it’s really a room. It is like a……Liquid? No. It can’t be, must be my eyes.

“Hello ,Reader”

who’s there?

“ahh, you have awoken……..Welcome to Elysium”

What’s Elysium?

“It is a place where all people who crack the barrier between philosophy and reality reside, become one with the mind. If you will “

Why am I here, I was asleep before…..this is a dream. It has to be. I whisper to the voice afraid to make a bold move.

“It is only a dream If you will it to be Reader”

Why do you call me that ?, Reader- I mean.

“It is a name given to those who write their own realities, much like a story”

Write my own reality- huh, never thought of that one before. I announce into the shifting room, changing from liquid to solid and back to liquid again.

“I am the Writer, But I go by many names and voices”

So like God, right?

“Yes, exactly like God”

“You see I created your reality, every fiber in your known being and universe- all but a mere thought in my conscious “

Well then, so you created everything and now i’m in this “Room”, for lack of better descriptor. And I have managed to break the barrier from what was once my reality into this outland, a land of void. Always changing never the same, its enough to make your heart and mind implode on each other.

“Perhaps you should try to imagine something, the room is only shifting because you see it as something else, not a room, but a void “

Ok, so I just picture a room and alakazam a room, a solid room appears?

Right, I centre myself- try to block out the voice in my head, this is one trippy dream but I am going to roll with it.

After what seems like hours I conjure a solid – thank God, room. It looks like the one I had in high school before I became a Writer (ironic right)

“Very good Reader, very good indeed. I am glad I chose you for this”

“But rest you need strength- you have exerted yourself enough for one day”

and with that. The room, the one I conjured goes black – or at least I think it does.

  • Danielle Parrish (c) 2015

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