Echos Eden:

Echos Eden:

In Echo’s brain the shadows roam freely without a care

In Echo’s head the shadows aren’t really there

echos in her mind bring her to the point of pain

nobody believes Echo because she’s always on her own

all through life and death her shadows will never leave her alone.

No friends and many enemies but the thing

that trumps them all is her memories

only her memories are full of disdain and hate

where people like her suffer the same fate

but one day she writes a letter to a far and distant home

telling them about the shadows and how they roam

in echo’s head all is going numb

because in echo’s head the shadows fade

just like her life becomes.

But In echos eden she is finally free

free of like and a set destany

where people like her don’t suffer the same fate

they make there own without any hate

because in echos eden the shadows all act like me.

-Danielle Parrish


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