Post – 10- Who is Anne?

What else do we learn?

That Anne is an aspiring feminist , and that she is  very proud of self proclaimed know it all and she is very proud of that trait – 🙂 She also longs to be free of the Annex’s clutches so she can enjoy nature again.

How do you feel about Anne at this stage?

That perhaps in another time she could have done great things for society,  not that she hasn’t already. But as an active part of her work, seeing the changes that she makes on the world is something that I wish she could witness.

Do you have something you’d like to tell her? Ask her?

I’d like to tell her that we are a lot alike, and would be friends if not for the generation gap – and other obvious reasons, that prevent that. In her situation with her family and how she holds herself, I’d like to ask her how she handles herself so well……….


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