The swing kids and other resistance goups- part 9


  • The Edelweiss Pirates

    group of ex-Hitler Youth

Mostly comprised of teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18

  • The Swing Kids

    likes american music

Though not very political at the beginning, the Swing Kids were said to have begun spreading the truth heard from the Allies to German citizens.

  • Johann George Elser

was one of many men who tried to assassinate Hitler.

tried to do it alone.

  • The European Union

European Union was a group of anti-fascist Germans who despised Nazism and what it had done to their country.

ounded in Berlin in 1939

  • The White Rose

White Rose was a non-violent group, mostly made up of intellectuals,

The White Rose became quite popular, especially among college students, and various offshoots popped up in different towns.

  • The Solf Circle

The least successful of all the groups on this list, the Solf Circle was an informal group of intellectuals who were against Nazism

Nearly everyone was rounded up, arrested, tried, and executed.

  • The Catholic Church

Rather, we’re talking about certain Catholic priests in Germany, who vociferously fought against, among other things, the T4 program (the so-called “euthanasia program”)

  • The Rosenstrasse Protest

A singular event, perpetrated because of the deportation of thousands of Jewish men who were married to non-Jewish women.

For over a week in early 1943, the women peacefully marched in protest against their husbands’ deportation.

  • Kreisau Circle

aid to be one of the main centers of the German resistance movement, their goal was to figure out how to establish a peaceful, Christian Germany, after the war was lost.

after in the war, some of the members were involved in a failed assassination of Adolf Hitler

  • Red Orchestra

was created in 1936.

Named after Harro Schulze-Boysen (the Luftwaffe staff officer who founded it) and his friends, one of their goals was to gather intelligence for the Allies and help those hunted by the Nazis to get to freedom.

( – all information can be found on this site)




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