Anne dreams about Hanneli- part 7

Anne often worried about her Jewish friends. On November 27, 1943, Anne described her dream about her friend Hanneli Goslar.

  1. What do you think this dream was about?

Anne coming to trams with everyone she loves being taken away from her, and coming to the realization that she is safe and hanneli is not.

  1. Why was the dream so disturbing for Anne?

Because Anne realizes the mistakes that she made when she was with hanneli, mistaking her personality and having previously made judgments about her without really getting to know her all that well.


Compare this dream to Anne’s original description of Hanneli (June 15, 1942).

Anne’s previous thoughts on her were;

  • shy
  • strange
  • outspoken with people she knows but shy around others
  • mothers girl
  • snitch
  • says what she thinks.

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