Timeline of Anne’s destiny: Part 6

  • Moved to the annex.
  • Margo got a call- up from an SS officer
  • The franks moved in with the Van Danns
  • In 1933, Hitler takes over as leader of the German government
  • The Franks had to move into the annex 10 days earlier because of the letter that Margot got.
  • “The people on their way to work at that hour gave us sympathetic looks; you could tell by their faces that they were sorry that hey couldn’t offer some kind of transport ; the conspicuous yellow star spoke for itself.”
  • They family had to wear lost of cloth layers because they looked suspicious with a suitcase full of clothes.
  • Anne had to leave her family cat behind.
  • Her father and her spent 2 days cleaning up the annex

————————————————————————————–(pages – 26-36)    Book questions:

  1. the frank family and the van danns moved in together.
  2.  Annes relationship with her father is an active one helping others before themselves and always on the move.
  3.  She is intrigued by peter.- and will later on develop a strong liking for him.
  4. strict, to the point, and organised.
  5. Magorie is the family cat, Anne is sad because she had to give it to the neighbors.

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