Anne’s diary – Part 5- English- WW2

Read the entry written by Anne on the 8 November 1943 again (pg. 144).

Anne writes,

“If you were to read all my letters in one sitting, you’d be struck by the fact that they were written in a variety of moods”

  1. What different “moods”  have you detected? Provide a quote from the diary that could illustrate each mood.

My responses:

  • “I simply can’t imagine the world will be normal again for us. I do tlak about “after the war”, but it’s as if I were talking about a castle in the air, something that can never come true” – Anne Frank
  • desperation
  • depression
  • Fear
  • cowardice
  • danger
  • hope

“At night in bed I see myself alone in a dungeon, without Father and Mother.” 

    2.  How does Anne feel at this point in time? Does Anne believe that the war will end? 

  • She believes that the cost of the war will be great and while she might survive her parents are more likely to die in the process. Losing someone that she holds dear to her heart is what she fears the outcome will hold, if the war were to end.

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