Anne Frank and the people in the annex – part 4- English

Otto Frank- the father, was apart of the German army in ww1

Anne Frank- Dreamed about being an actress, former school girl

Edith Frank- Starved to death, Mother to the two Frank girls.

Margot Frank- also had a diary but it was never recovered, big sister to Anne frank

Herman van pells- father of peter, husband of Auguste

Auguste van pells- also known as “the nutter”

Peter van pells- Peter is born on 8 November 1926 in Osnabrück, near the Dutch border. He has no brothers or sisters. he is also Annes crush at the time, as described in her writings.

Fritz Pferffer-  was born on April 30, 1889, in Giessen (Germany). His parents are Jewish and have a clothing store in the centre of the city.


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