Body Of Glass- Poem – Danielle Parrish

Body of glass-


Danielle Parrish

The leftover pieces of a burnt down house

The monster that will never see the light of day.

now uncaged, breaks its bounds and runs astray.

Wishing all her pains away.

Her body of glass, once a temple, now holds.

The scars and cracks of someone else’s mould.

Tears fill in her cracks with a solemn cry

only nightfall holds her tight.

Walking feels like needles of grass on a cold bitter day.

Talking feels like sandpaper wearing her away.

Laughter once a distant memory,

with the one she thought would change her story.

Bitter how the wind changes it’s ways,

willing two people to break and fade away.

Alone she sits broken and used.

her body of glass is now the only thing that holds the clues.