poetry: Your Biggest Mistake

your biggest mistake:


(sung mainly( all except the first two verses, of the poem..). to the tune of “your biggest mistake”- by Ellie Goulding)

(and yes I know that the grammar is slightly off, although that shouldn’t hinder those who wish to read it)

the tears run from your face

cascading at a pace

that my heart can’t keep


the memories wont fade

how do i break away

I can’t keep strong

cause I know what im running from


It’s a shame you don’t know where im coming from

your bones will have to break just  to know my song

it would take end of time

to realise my heart wont start’


(ohowoah- something like that)


you know this is your biggest mistake

what a waste, (what a waste, what a waste)

you know you can’t keep up at my pace

it’s best for you to just run away


take cover, in the light

you know that my brains stuck in an endless night

but you push on

cause you now know where i’m coming from


it’s a shame, now you know where i’m coming from

told you to run away but you stayed here strong

it didn’t take the end of time to realise my heart

now starts



you know i’m now your biggest mistake

i’m not a waste not a waste, (not a waste,not a waste)

and you know after all I’ve explained

my hearts takin a chance, on love again.


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