Poetry: Aeither

( Pronounced E-th-r)


I am the void, the unknown.

I am what you fear when you’re all alone.

The night’s shadows surround me in a somber embrace.

They hide me

the Aether, godly grace unbound.

The bed in which you sleep, under it is where I creep

Paranoia, Hysteria, Sweat, Fear

If you feel these

It’s already too late.

I am the Aether, a force that knows no bounds

Surrounding the planets and the light with no sound.

The light cannot hinder me nor can any God

Because I am the Aether, The darkness, the Chill

I am the thing which you will feel

as I cradle you to sleep, tears from your eyes you weep

I am the Aether

I am the void unknown.


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