Poetry: Even more for you to read, just made this one, it sure is scary ……

The monsters in your head:


I am the one hiding under your bed

teeth growing sharp and eyes glowing red

I am the one gnawing at your mind asking

you the questions like “am I really alive”


We are the monsters that play in the dark

bodies of stone and without a heart

we are the ones that hide away from the sun

when you’re awake and having lots of fun


I am the one that your mum checks for each night

I’m hiding in your closet waiting to give you a FRIGHT

We are the ones that play with what you see

unicorns and rainbows and then you see ME


The lights go dark the blood boils in your head waiting to implode

The thoughts in your head to much for your soul.


We are the monsters that play with your heart

when you see something and then you see dark

when you sleep out from hiding we creep

for another night of mischief…..you better hide under your sheets.


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