Poetry: For the dreaming and Believing

Hi guys and girls, Dani here did some poetry for you to read. Enjoy

(this is just stuff I made up when I was bored)

For the dreaming and believing:

I wish I had a time machine to go to places I’d never seen, I dream of far off places and familiar faces, I want to live in a different sky where the demons crawl and angels fly, that’s my home……..when I close my eyes.

In a world of magic and mystery I close my eyes and finally see, the life I had far behind me, I spread my wings to the sky, I open my eyes and start to fly. Then I realise that I’m not dreaming. I go to a place in my mind, where problems chime and shimmer, I start to face a world a little grimmer. In my mind I break down screaming where the seeing is no longer believing in the land of do and see. I wake up in a hospital……..it was just another dream.

-Danielle parrish


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