Poetry: Aeither

( Pronounced E-th-r)


I am the void, the unknown.

I am what you fear when you’re all alone.

The night’s shadows surround me in a somber embrace.

They hide me

the Aether, godly grace unbound.

The bed in which you sleep, under it is where I creep

Paranoia, Hysteria, Sweat, Fear

If you feel these

It’s already too late.

I am the Aether, a force that knows no bounds

Surrounding the planets and the light with no sound.

The light cannot hinder me nor can any God

Because I am the Aether, The darkness, the Chill

I am the thing which you will feel

as I cradle you to sleep, tears from your eyes you weep

I am the Aether

I am the void unknown.


Poetry: Spirits


I see the grass all green and lush

I hear the birds as they fly by my ear

I feel the wind when there’s nobody near

I fear…. no one

Spirits in the night

pass by like two ships in a lonely dock

Never to be seen

I taste the sweet bliss of ignorance

I feel the unseen

I sense the day

I feel the chill of night

Drowning in the last light

The spirit’s light the way

I am the unseen

I am the spirit

The force unhindered

The life not been.

poetry: Your Biggest Mistake

your biggest mistake:


(sung mainly( all except the first two verses, of the poem..). to the tune of “your biggest mistake”- by Ellie Goulding)

(and yes I know that the grammar is slightly off, although that shouldn’t hinder those who wish to read it)

the tears run from your face

cascading at a pace

that my heart can’t keep


the memories wont fade

how do i break away

I can’t keep strong

cause I know what im running from


It’s a shame you don’t know where im coming from

your bones will have to break just  to know my song

it would take end of time

to realise my heart wont start’


(ohowoah- something like that)


you know this is your biggest mistake

what a waste, (what a waste, what a waste)

you know you can’t keep up at my pace

it’s best for you to just run away


take cover, in the light

you know that my brains stuck in an endless night

but you push on

cause you now know where i’m coming from


it’s a shame, now you know where i’m coming from

told you to run away but you stayed here strong

it didn’t take the end of time to realise my heart

now starts



you know i’m now your biggest mistake

i’m not a waste not a waste, (not a waste,not a waste)

and you know after all I’ve explained

my hearts takin a chance, on love again.

Poetry: Even more for you to read, just made this one, it sure is scary ……

The monsters in your head:


I am the one hiding under your bed

teeth growing sharp and eyes glowing red

I am the one gnawing at your mind asking

you the questions like “am I really alive”


We are the monsters that play in the dark

bodies of stone and without a heart

we are the ones that hide away from the sun

when you’re awake and having lots of fun


I am the one that your mum checks for each night

I’m hiding in your closet waiting to give you a FRIGHT

We are the ones that play with what you see

unicorns and rainbows and then you see ME


The lights go dark the blood boils in your head waiting to implode

The thoughts in your head to much for your soul.


We are the monsters that play with your heart

when you see something and then you see dark

when you sleep out from hiding we creep

for another night of mischief…..you better hide under your sheets.

Poetry: more to add and more to see, enjoy ;)

Poems for a broken soul:


I used to play pirates

I used to believe in fairies

I had a dream to fly far away

to be in a soft clover meadow

where sprites and elves play in woodland delight


I had a heart that beat for another

he broke my soul and went undercover

shot in the battle of deceit and lies

where midnight fantasies play upon his eyes


I wanted to see the world

I wanted to get the girl.

We all wish the very things that get ripped from our soul

the very purpose that was put upon this soil.

Although I say my life is a mess the world is a broken place

The one thing I regret is not living it to my best,

as I lay here and take my final breaths

the best song for a broken soul is to rest.

Poetry: For the dreaming and Believing

Hi guys and girls, Dani here did some poetry for you to read. Enjoy

(this is just stuff I made up when I was bored)

For the dreaming and believing:

I wish I had a time machine to go to places I’d never seen, I dream of far off places and familiar faces, I want to live in a different sky where the demons crawl and angels fly, that’s my home……..when I close my eyes.

In a world of magic and mystery I close my eyes and finally see, the life I had far behind me, I spread my wings to the sky, I open my eyes and start to fly. Then I realise that I’m not dreaming. I go to a place in my mind, where problems chime and shimmer, I start to face a world a little grimmer. In my mind I break down screaming where the seeing is no longer believing in the land of do and see. I wake up in a hospital……..it was just another dream.

-Danielle parrish